Thursday, 28 August 2014

p.54 - homeschooling

Poor Angela, she just appeared in page 53 and in page 54 she's already dead. But, if you look closely, you will see that Angela appears 3 times in this page, and 5 times in page 53. Actually, she appeared a lot of times from page 1 to page 52! But you have to squint your eyes more than a bit to see her. How many times did Angela appear from page 1 to page 52?

The first who writes the correct number in comments under this article will receive an illustration (on a subject of his/her choice, but not porn and not copyrighted charachters) with a dedication. Since I draw on a graphic tablet, no paper, I will send the picture in electronic format to the email address of the winner.
If the winner gives me permission I will also publish the picture on this blog.

Not cumulable with this same contest on the italian edition of this comic.

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